System Design & Installation

Whether you are in need of a new system, or just want to upgrade an existing system or facility, VMI Inc. works with you to incorporate the latest technology into your project. Our staff here at VMI Inc. remains on the forefront of technology through training seminars, monthly product bulletins, and close relationships with our manufacturers.  Our representatives are more than equipped to provide you with a wide range of solutions from broadcast and post production, to presentation, digital signage, and huddle rooms.

Our representatives are able to work with you to assist your needs and gain overall knowledge of exactly what you want.  This is accomplished by establishing the needs of your organization as well as you, the individual.  Then representatives work hard within your project’s requirements and optimize budgets. VMI representatives work closely with you throughout the entirety of the process to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service.

Rental & Staging

Corporate Meetings

Design, setup, recording and duplication are standard for many corporate meetings. The Rental & Staging Department will help you achieve the look and feel for your meeting, while taking care of the details for proper documenting. VMI also offers duplication in a variety of formats and media, from videotape to DVD to computer based video.

Trade Shows

Getting the attention of customers at trade shows is always a challenge. Luckily VMI’s Rental and Staging department is available to assist  you in capturing and keeping your customers attention.  VMI is able to personally deliver the equipment you need, as well as ship equipment nationally.

Service & Repair

VMI, Inc. is an authorized repair center for a majority of manufacturer’s whose products we sell. VMI, Inc.’s service technicians are factory trained and authorized to service and repair major product lines. Our service department adheres to the highest standards and utilizes the latest techniques in product repair. Products brought in for repair or maintenance are given an estimate, and with approval, are serviced. Repairs are guaranteed 30 days for parts and labor.

If you have a product that needs to be repaired, it can be dropped off in person at our Sunnyvale, CA office, or it can be shipped to our Sunnyvale, CA address.   If you have questions regarding a repair, please contact our Service Manager, Gretchen Schott.


VMI works with leasing companies to provide a variety of flexible leasing options so you are able to find the right terms that match up with your financial needs.  Leasing provides your organization with many advantages, such as:

  • A minimal down payment, sometimes no down payment

  • Complete Financing: Equipment purchases, as well as many soft costs – taxes, shipping, maintenance, installation – can often be included in the lease packages

  • Payment Flexibility: Customize payments to fit financial budgets and accounting cycles. This helps in predicting cash flow with the predetermined fixed leasing costs.

  • Tax Advantages: leasing often provides tax advantages, as some companies are able to deduct lease payments as an operating expense.

  • Purchase Options: at the end of the lease, you may be able to purchase the equipment under the terms specified in the lease such as the $1 purchase, fixed price, or fair market value purchase options.

  • Upgrade Options: another end of lease option is to upgrade to the latest equipment technology.

  • Renewal Options: leases may be extended for leases that have matured at a discount rate, given credit approval.

  • Technology Obsolescence Protection: various terms can be set to upgrade equipment based on useful life, the rate of technology, or regular upgrades.

Media Duplication

Having the media needed, whether to shoot, edit or print to tape is important. VMI Inc. carries a wide variety of tape and DVD stock to meet your requirements. Whether you need standard conversions, duplication, or transfer to computer files, VMI Inc. offers competitive prices and professional services to meet your deadlines. Rush charges may apply to duplication and conversion required in 24 hours or less.